Community-based Tourism transforming the favela

Brazilidade is a company of community-based tourism in the Santa Marta favela (Rio de Janeiro), with experience since 1992. Our guided experiences, lectures and educational tours were designed to promote a connection with the natural , cultural, historical and social representations of the favela Santa Marta. Besides offering tourism services , we take care to move other local initiatives, offering to tourists a complete experience and a possibility of growth to Santa Marta´s local entrepreneurs.

What moves Brazilidade?

Turistas na Favela Santa Marta

We work to change the stereotype established in relation to the inhabitants of the favela and, through our services of tourism, generating identification and respect.  We want to show that the Santa Marta favela is open arms to people from all over Brazil and the world who want to sightsee in Rio de Janeiro and discover the real city.

What drives us is to see that people who participate in our tours in Rio can better understand the slum from a simple conversation of a few minutes and a few hours soaking in the environment, interacting with the space and with the people who live there.

We are not just a favela tour company, Brazilidade was born in Santa Marta and our guided experiences also show what is the best in the community, because the Favela Santa Marta are the people who live there.

Who moves Brazilidade?

Sheila Souza turismo Santa MartaThe founder and the entrepreneurial of Brazilidade is Sheila Souza, graduated in Tourism and Business and with experience as tourist guide with groups and institutions of European and Latin American. Sheila speaks English, Spanish, German and understand a little Swedish. Her professional experience began in 1992 with ​​exchanges and tourism experiences in Santa Marta with national and international groups. In 2010 Brazilidade was formalized as a pioneer based-tourism company in Santa Marta favela.

But the main formation of Sheila to manage Brazilidade is she born and grown in Santa Marta favela and believed that her dream could be true. The Brazilidade today is a bit of Sheila and also all those who visit the favela by her tours.