Santa Marta or Dona Marta?

Vertical Morro Santa Marta Cristo Redentor

Who doesn’t not know the story is always in doubt if the right is Dona Marta or Santa Marta. I, Sheila Souza, founder and enterprising Brazilidade, never had this doubt. I learned since was a kid that is Favela Santa Marta, or, as I always write in my address: is Santa Marta’s hill – Botafogo.

The history of Santa Marta is old and is mixed with the history of Rio de Janeiro . The slum has more than 60 years and was occupied from base to top heterogeneously, from 1942. The first residents came from various parts of the state and countryside. It is a well-defined slum, which accessed only on foot or by tram , or by the top, rising a street that gives access to the upper part , where today is the seat of the UPP ( Pacifying Police Unit).

Tourism in Favela Santa Marta

From the top of Santa Marta is possible to have one of the most privileged views of the Sugar Loaf and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. But who makes the tour of Brazilidade is surprised by something that goes beyond the postcards: the favela itself, its history, its people, its culture. If you want to dive into an enriching experience in Rio de Janeiro, schedule a guided tour in Santa Marta with us, we want to show you inside the community and share with you our perspective of the city.