Visita guiada na Favela Santa Marta

The starting point of the Brazilidade guided experience is Corumbá square, which gives you access to Santa Marta hill. It is there that we met with the group, give the basic instructions about the tour and talk a bit with the visitors.

From there, we climbed with the group through the streets of the favela Santa Marta on foot or by tram in a small part of the way, so that visitors can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views the favela and the city.

Tour Information

  • Groups of at least 15 people and maximum 30 people.
  • Not included: food and drink
  • Food and drinks are not included in this package. But if you want to hire lunch and other services, we make this bridge so you have a complete experience in Santa Marta.
  • Hours: daily between 7am and 18h ​​(if you want to schedule outside of these times, please email to us)
  • Trip duration: 2 hours

Price per person Educatour

  • Brazilian student: R$ 40
  • Foreign students: R$ 60


  • Wear light clothing, shoes, hat, sunglasses.
  • Bring water, sunscreen, camera, recorder, snack or extra money for food and beverages.